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Shilling is a great support tool to boost brand awareness on various platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and other relevant platforms. This strategy builds natural buzz and activity around your project by spreading your brand name around in a proper format which achieves extremely effective results by boosting community growth and brand awareness where it counts. Within the crypto space, shilling has received a bad reputation because it is inappropriately spammed. Token Planner chooses a different approach by properly delivery activity at the correct time, with quality messaging & dialogue that creates activity into the conversation

Shilling is an outstanding support which can be used to boost other forms of marketing by offering that extra boost of exposure for your crypto project. Depending on the goals our clients have there are many ways we can execute a profressional crowd shilling campagin like, trending Twitter hashtags, increase brand awareness, brand activity, important announcement distribution, and so much more. Schedule a call with our team to figure out what improvements can be made to get your project the most results.


Organically increase your crypto brand awareness

Increases activity and engagement from the right audience

Increases the awareness of your project on many different platforms

Fully Managed Shilling Army

Custom Messages/Dialogues

The quality of Dialogue that is exchanged during a shill promotion is important because it draws your audience into the conversation. Our team will split test messaging to find what works best for your targeted audience.

Shilling Management

Shilling can get a bad reputation if its not managed or executed properly. Our shill managers are experienced in the art of shilling, they manage messages, shillers, direction, and social platforms perfectly to increase the results for our clients.

Influencer Account Activity

A crypto influencer’s environment is a very populated and active community that has a very crypto interested audience. If properly executed, your project can increase your brand awareness in an organic and healthy way which results in driving a large number of investors back to your crypto brand.

Token Planner's Process

Step #1
Consulting Call

One of our experts will schedule a call with your team to discuss your needs, goals, and project. This call will give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves, and understand how we can assist your project.

Step #2
Project Evaluation

Our best marketers and project development crew will analyze and evaluate your project to identify what exactly your project needs to succeed.

Step #3
Confirm Order

After your team has chosen a package that properly fulfills your needs, you may confirm your order to proceed.

Step #4
Customized Project & Marketing Strategic Plan Of Action

Depending upon the package your team has chosen, our plan of action might change.  Our team will customize and strategies how we can optimize your project for the best results with the services chosen.

Step #5
Optimize & Deliver Insights

By this stage our team of experts will constantly be updating your marketing campaign, and delivery weekly insight reports to keep your team information of the progress.

Step #6
Deliver Final Work & In-Depth Project Analysis

For the final stage of our process we will deliver the final service that you order with further insights and project analysis to show an in-depth view of where improvements can be made to better the success of your project, as well as suggestions to optimize the results.

Full-Service Out Of The Box Marketing That Works!

How We Drive Measurable Results Through Our Marketing

Market Analysis

We start by conducting a detailed market analysis to better understand your current position your project is in. You’ll then receive a detailed report of the data we have found including,  strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

Data Roadmap

With the detailed data insight into your current position and audience, our team gets to work developing a data-driven roadmap that will propel you towards your project’s goals

Strategy Execution

For every strategic plan our team builds, we execute on it, ensuring consistent results, optimizations, and improvements that keeps your audience engaged and ensures your brand remains at the top

Test & Optimize

We are never completely satisfied. It’s the reason why we’re constantly testing to see what’s working and what’s not, refining to make the necessary adjustments, and optimizing to ensure you receive maximum ROI.




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Token Planner’s Crypto Marketing Agency has a very unique process of operation that gives us the power to offer cost affordable marketing services to our clients. Our team has achieved this by recruiting the top specialists in the crypto field to ensure all of our clients get a personal and customized marketing plan, without over staffing, or increasing business expenses for our team. This gives our our agency the flexibility to pursue quality work and services while still beating the markets demand in cost. Why choose Token Planner? Because we are the most cost affordable crypto marketing agency on the market!